Saturday, 30 October 2010

And So, Farewell!

Most every Monday from next week onwards, as long as my subscription copies arrive, I'll be posting a review of the new editions of both 2000 ad and the Megazine on my other blog, TooBusyThinkingAboutMyComics. I hope anyone who's found something of interest in the pieces which have been published here will consider dropping in there at some time in the future. But this blog will be closing down from today. For awhile, I'll post the new weekly pieces here after I've put them up on TooBusy, with the comments disabled on ThatRemindsMeOfThis, but there'll be nothing new published here from now on.

I'm tremendously grateful to everyone who has on occasion dropped in on this blog. Thank you for popping over. It's been an absolute privilege to have you visit.

I can't say how much I appreciate the comments that some folks have been so kind as to leave. If I were to list names, it'd make it seem as if I thought those good people were part of the story of this blog, but of course, this blog was just an infinitesimally tiny part of theirs. What's more, I'm absolutely honoured that that was so.

Finally, for whatever little it's worth, my gratitude and sincere admiration is owed to the creators who've been so good as to leave a comment here, who've Twittered a gracious word or posted a link or mentioned the blog in a podcast and suchlike. To write your names would be to namedrop, and your tolerance and support, to whatever much-appreciated degree, shouldn't be turned into an advert for this blog's once-existence. Thank you very much for being so kind.

A splendid time is wished from me to everyone who's reached this last line in this last entry on this little blog, of which I find I've been very fond. I shall miss it.

Thank you and good night!



  1. What's this?! What a horrible way to start the day! Boo! Hiss! Bitch! Moan!

  2. Hello Matthew:- I'm sorry that I've begun your day that way. But I will be writing about 2000 ad most every Monday over on the other site. You'd be very welcome, to say the least.

  3. May I echo Mr McLauglin* in his "Boo! Hiss! Bitch! Moan!"?

    *Although there is clearly no McLaughin' today!!

  4. Hello Emperor:- thank you for your echoing words. I'm sure you know how much I enjoy and respect 2000 ad, and debating with and learning from your good self and other good folks too here has been like an extra year at Uni for me. I say that without anything other than sincerity in my "voice".

    I've done my absolute best to keep the blog going, but I never wanted to do a blog where folks couldn't rely on regular updates, and the truth is that with the book a-coming and the massive disparity between visitors to this blog and TooBusy, something had to give.

    However, TooBusyThinkingAboutMyComics does usually get anywhere between 6 and 10 times more visitors than here in an ordinary day, and even more when there's a kind link. I fully intend to keep writing about 2000 ad there, and every Monday, so the comic may get more exposure, for what little that's worth, and I'll continue to learn.

    But it's a shame I couldn't make this site more attractive to readers. It was my fault and I've no-one to blame but myself. I really do feel quite sad about it, but it was a circle I never managed to square and I'll just have to learn from it!

  5. Hello Richmond - thank you for the kind words. As I type this to you, I'm also working on the first piece for TooBusy on 2000 ad. I hope you might consider dropping in on occasion there, and my very best to you.

  6. Well, we don't want you spreading yourself too thin, and I approve of your secret plan to push 2000 AD on the general comics-blog-reading audience. I'll look forward to your consolidated Colin-blogging! :-)

  7. Hello Mark:- "consolidated Colin-blogging" is the slogan I should've run this, er, consolidation under. Thank you for your kind words, and if one person gets a little interested in 2000 ad who wouldn't otherwise, well, that's a result, isn't it?

  8. "All the usual Col-blogging and half the number of blogs to read?" Welll OK I'll see how that goes ;)

  9. Hello Emperor:- well, there's the complete slogan:

    "Consolidated Colin-Blogging:All the usual Col-blogging and half the number of blogs to read!"

    Now to paint it on the sides of vans and paste up posters by bus-stops .....

  10. Thanks for all the time ( and kind words ) you put into 'That Reminds Me of This'. Rest assured I'll be reading 'Too Busy' just as diligently.

  11. Hello Mr Fraser:- thank you for those kind and much appreciated words. My "ideal" version of 2000 ad ALWAYS has work by Simon Fraser in it.